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India’s Rabid Epidemic

This article was originally published in our Spring 2022 print issue. PHOTO BY A. BELSARE/S. DESAI India’s deadly, yet silent, epidemic has gone largely unmentioned by the Indian government, and unnoticed by the rest of the world. Over time, this has allowed for the quiet

Vaccine Hesitancy in the Time of COVID

Few issues can bring out differences of opinion—a worldwide pandemic being among them. Over the past two years, Americans have seen friends, families and coworkers divided. We have been bombarded with opinions about everything from mask-wearing to how much toilet paper to keep on hand.

A hand injects a needle into a vial.

The Rise of Vaccine Hesitancy

This article was originally published in our Spring 2019 print issue. Vaccine hesitancy, the reluctance to be vaccinated, has garnered a lot of press in recent years due to multiple measles outbreaks in the United States (CDC). Traditional news outlets portray vaccine hesitancy as a

Paralyzed by Polio

Vaccination efforts have led to significant reductions in the number of polio cases worldwide. But why is poliomyelitis so difficult to eradicate?