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Spotting Fake Health Statistics

In our current day and age, it has become almost a norm for people to rely on social media as a source for news, for cooking videos, for shopping and more recently, even for health advice. This widespread circulation of potentially fake articles about health statistics can be misleading at best and extremely dangerous at worst.

When Global Philanthropy Fails

Philanthropy can lead to unintended consequences. How can Americans work to tackle the roots of international issues by donating money effectively?


Studying Public Health

So you want to study public health? As a capped major at UC Berkeley, the public health major requires one extra step before declaring: completing the undergraduate major application.


Medical Cannabis and Opioid Abuse

For years, physicians had been misled about the long-term effects of opioid painkiller. Medical cannabis may very well be an alternative that could have a very positive effect on both those already dependent on opioids as well as in a preventative manner.


Yoga: A Preventative Method

Yoga practitioners often tout the health benefits of yoga. Indeed, yoga has become to be regarded as a cure-all for whatever ailments one may have, but what claims can be substantiated?


Let’s Make a Human: CRISPR

Imagine a world in which humans could create anything they wanted. From robotic human automation to geoengineering capabilities, technology and science is now bringing the world closer to these possibilities than ever before.