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Living With Malaria

by Sean Conners Responsible for over 600,000 deaths each year, malaria is the number 1 killer worldwide. Having learned about the disease in almost every public health lecture at Cal, I came to Tanzania with an abundant supply of malaria prophylaxis, bug spray, and long-sleeve shirts and

Monsanto Corporation: Roundup Pros and Cons

by Kevin Yuan Since the late 1900’s Monsanto Corporation, an organization focused on agricultural biotechnology produces biotechnology and herbicides for different plants such as corn, cotton and vegetables. Monsanto is considered one of the Big 6 Biotech Corporations because of its prominence in the agricultural

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Head and Brain Injuries Induce Early Onset of Death

By Penelope Chuah Yesterday, BBC published an article highlighting the fatal effects of post-head injuries. The analysis supports the fact that “injuries to the head can leave victims susceptible to early death” leading to a three times greater risk of death compared to people who