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The Needle Exchange Program Crisis

In the last two decades, needle exchange programs have slowly become more prevalent across the United States, and they have been shown to significantly impact bloodborne pathogens. Unfortunately, the lack of federal organization and the stigma surrounding these programs do not bode well for effectively addressing bloodborne illnesses.

Ensuring Reproductive Justice for All

Nowhere is the topic of reproductive healthcare more relevant than on college campuses. Without access to safe and legal abortion, people who want to terminate their pregnancies must resort to unsafe practices that threaten their health and even their lives. Many students argue that abortion services should be available at on-campus health centers.

What’s Wrong With Physical Education?

PE has historically been de-prioritized in the public education system, which has lead to a devaluation of programs nationwide. It’s important to normalize exercise, as individual and group-level changes can lead to nationwide shifts in physical activity in educational, social, and public health contexts.

Out For Blood

The current blood shortage has resulted in severe obstacles to immediate, effective medical care, making those dramatic surgeries and cutting-edge cancer therapies ever more difficult to perform. Research throughout the past decade continues to show that an overwhelming number of college students have positive views when asked about blood donation, but only half actually donate.

The Methamphetamine Epidemic, Locally and Nationally

Methamphetamine use has had a dramatic resurgence in the United States and has a particular impact on marginalized groups in San Francisco. Without the support of the community, these individuals will fall through the cracks and not get the support that they need.