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A medical professional in scrubs and gloves holds a handful of British coins.

Health & Economics

Healthcare can be dependent on an individual’s/nation’s income. But, a country’s economy can be heavily influenced by better health practices and policies. As Bloom and Canning stated: “Health may be not only a consequence but also a cause of high income.” This can work through

A cloud of pollution rising above a factory and city against a sunset.

Refinery Pollutants and their Effect on Public Health

Michele’s classmates peered out of the classroom window and gasped in disbelief at what they saw. A thick, black cloud hovered over the small towns of Rodeo and Crockett menacingly, slowly traveling toward them. The smoke wouldn’t stop spilling into the sky, it seemed. The principal’s voice

A mortar and pestle surrounded by herbal ingredients on the left, various sizes of pills on the right

Traditional and Herbal Healing: Enhancing Allopathic Methods

Modern day doctors’ office visits have stayed consistent throughout United States history. Patients file in, wait to be called into a room, then have a few  moments to quickly describe their entire health history and the current health issues they are experiencing. Afterwards, a physician,

A hand holding a handful of grains.

COVID-19 and Malnutrition in the Asia-Pacific Region

In recent years, the Asia-Pacific region has been facing dire malnutrition and food insecurity issues. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, approximately 1.9 billion people in the region were unable to afford nutritious diets. In 2019, the Asia-Pacific region accounted for about half of the global

One pair of hands holds another hand in comfort.

Making SpACEs for ACEs

Poverty. Divorce. Incarceration. Emotional abuse. Avoiding discussion of these topics can be easy due to their sensitivity, but in creating safe spaces of discussion for these Adverse Childhood Experiences, we can take a first step in reducing them. Adverse Childhood Experiences, more commonly known as

Bernie Sanders speaks at a podium.

We Need Free Healthcare Now

In the middle of the pandemic, Ms. Tholke, an elementary school teacher, slipped on a floor mat and tore her hamstring. After a consultation with the doctor, she went into an emergency surgery. Even though this was the most painful experience of her life, she

A hand holding a nozzle sprays pesticides onto a field.

Pesticides on Public Health

Pesticides allow for the cultivation of crops. These harsh substances are used to destroy insects and other organisms harmful to crop growth. Although pesticides are a form of controlling various pests and diseases, they present another issue. Constant spray of harsh chemicals has indirectly affected the publics’ health.

White medical objects on a blue background.

Femtech’s Limited Role in Tackling Healthcare Inequity

If you walk into the Nurx headquarters in San Francisco, California you will find yourself in an open-office space, colorfully accented with pastel pillows, plants and modern furniture. The trendy office is home to reproductive telehealth startup Nurx. Nurx aims to make reproductive healthcare more

A crowded subway station with a sign reading "Way Out".

Unprecedented Times: Public Transit Ridership Falls 90%

Public Health and functioning public transportation are deeply intertwined; and the survival of public transportation post pandemic is critical to the health of the populations they serve.  Take Oakland or Emeryville for example; without access to BART, individual mobility is extremely limited for those without

A person in a white shirt stands in front of a tall window with their back to the viewer and arms resting on the window.

Mass Incarceration: The H.I.V. Engine

Despite making up only 12 percent of the population, Black women represent 60 percent of all HIV infections in women in the United States. In fact, the rate of H.I.V. infection is 20 times higher among Black women compared to White women, making up 57