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A hand holding a nozzle sprays pesticides onto a field.

Pesticides on Public Health

Pesticides allow for the cultivation of crops. These harsh substances are used to destroy insects and other organisms harmful to crop growth. Although pesticides are a form of controlling various pests and diseases, they present another issue. Constant spray of harsh chemicals has indirectly affected the publics’ health.

A crowded subway station with a sign reading "Way Out".

Unprecedented Times: Public Transit Ridership Falls 90%

Public Health and functioning public transportation are deeply intertwined; and the survival of public transportation post pandemic is critical to the health of the populations they serve.  Take Oakland or Emeryville for example; without access to BART, individual mobility is extremely limited for those without

A factory emitting a smoke-like substance is silhouetted in a sunset.

Air Pollution: A Lurking Issue

This article was originally published in our Spring 2019 print issue. Pollution and climate change have been hot topics in public discussion for many years. They’re often used as buzzwords in popular media and literature, but they conceal pressing issues that often go unnoticed, lurking