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Pets: Bringing Both Health and Happiness

It has long been known that humans are social beings. As mammals, we have evolved to crave social interactions and personal connection. Feeling alone can bring about potentially severe health problems such as anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. It is no wonder, then, that humans have


The Health of the Homeless

Any student, faculty member, staff member or visitor to UC Berkeley can easily see the vast amount of individuals experiencing homelessness. Southside, the area of Berkeley directly south of the university campus, is home to a large proportion of the city’s homeless population, who live

Health and Happiness

Can You Have Both? by Simran Bajwa If I was in a room with 100 random UC Berkeley undergraduates, and I asked them to raise their hand if they were healthy, how many hands do you think would be raised? If you then asked them


Longer Waiting Lines

The (Possible) Physician Shortage in America by Simran Bajwa Many Americans hate going to the doctor’s office. Crying babies, new forms to fill out at every appointment, and increasingly long amounts of time spent in the waiting room. But imagine this: in less than 10 years