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Dining Hall Nutrition

From the loss of chicken tenders at Golden Bear Café, to the reduction of meat at Café 3, Cal Dining has undergone a drastic makeover in the past several years. UC Berkeley has increasingly taken steps towards creating healthy, tasty menus for students as well as developing more sustainable options.


Pets: Bringing Both Health and Happiness

It has long been known that humans are social beings. As mammals, we have evolved to crave social interactions and personal connection. Feeling alone can bring about potentially severe health problems such as anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. It is no wonder, then, that humans have


Immunity in the College Environment

Every year, students leave for college and say goodbye to their parents, often resulting in an additional farewell to their health. Without their parents’ constant nagging to take vitamins and dress warmly, many college students end up prioritizing other tasks over their own health. Homesickness


Sex Education on the College Campus

by Jacob Demé In a developed nation of the 21st century, less than half the country is providing sufficient sex education to young people attending public school. According to the National Conference of State Legislature, as of March 1st of this year, there are only

Health and Happiness

Can You Have Both? by Simran Bajwa If I was in a room with 100 random UC Berkeley undergraduates, and I asked them to raise their hand if they were healthy, how many hands do you think would be raised? If you then asked them


Healthy Gains, Happy Brains

by Kristal Lam Ever miss those days on the playground? Recreation centers on college campuses are where big kids go to run like there’s no tomorrow, discover new toys, and spark some friendly competition. With so much equipment to play around with, it is not