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Vaccine Hesitancy in the Time of COVID

Few issues can bring out differences of opinion—a worldwide pandemic being among them. Over the past two years, Americans have seen friends, families and coworkers divided. We have been bombarded with opinions about everything from mask-wearing to how much toilet paper to keep on hand.

The Danger of Convenience and Information

This article was originally published in our Fall 2021 print issue. Direct to consumer (DTC) genetic companies, like 23andMe and Ancestry, made the science of genomics accessible to the ordinary consumer as early as 2010. The convenient process involves spitting in a vial and dropping it

Temple or Therapy?

Asian American and Pacific Islander communities often lack the resources or education to address mental health needs. How do cultural practices perpetuate this disparity?


The Dataless Fight Back

Examining the Impacts of CA Assembly Bill 1726 by Cassidy Farrow Intelligent, healthy, successful — all stereotypes used to define Asian Americans. The model minority myth—the notion that a specific minority group sets an example of success for other minorities to follow—pertains to those groups