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A variety of vegetables in crates being sold at a market.

I Feel It in My Gut

This article was originally published in our Spring 2021 print issue. In the mid 1880s, Austrian pediatrician Theodor Escherich discovered the gut flora, noting the impact of Escherichia coli on children’s diarrheal health—a discovery that would forever shape our understanding of human disease and the

A hand holding a handful of grains.

COVID-19 and Malnutrition in the Asia-Pacific Region

In recent years, the Asia-Pacific region has been facing dire malnutrition and food insecurity issues. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, approximately 1.9 billion people in the region were unable to afford nutritious diets. In 2019, the Asia-Pacific region accounted for about half of the global

A variety or fruits and vegetables lay on a table.

Quarantine Nutrition

With social activity limited and stress levels high during the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping up a nutritious diet can be difficult but is important to maintain.