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A hand holding a nozzle sprays pesticides onto a field.

Pesticides on Public Health

Pesticides allow for the cultivation of crops. These harsh substances are used to destroy insects and other organisms harmful to crop growth. Although pesticides are a form of controlling various pests and diseases, they present another issue. Constant spray of harsh chemicals has indirectly affected the publics’ health.


Dining Hall Nutrition

From the loss of chicken tenders at Golden Bear Café, to the reduction of meat at Café 3, Cal Dining has undergone a drastic makeover in the past several years. UC Berkeley has increasingly taken steps towards creating healthy, tasty menus for students as well as developing more sustainable options.

Food For Thought: The Environment and Nutrition

The Berkeley Student Food Collective builds community while upholding sustainable food practices. by Nikita Bhasin It’s two in the afternoon on a Wednesday and the Berkeley Student Food Collective is brimming with excitement. Students are lining up at the register, amidst a backdrop of colorful, fresh