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A variety or fruits and vegetables lay on a table.

Quarantine Nutrition

With social activity limited and stress levels high during the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping up a nutritious diet can be difficult but is important to maintain.


SNAP and Food Security in College

A college student browses the aisles of Safeway and Trader Joe’s as their shopping persona takes over — they touch all the items lined up on the shelves and slowly peruse all the cereals and snacks lined up on the walls. However, knowing they can’t purchase them with food stamps leaves them merely imagining what they taste like.

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Are you Sugar Savvy?

by Rachel Crowley Students challenge themselves to make healthy nutritional change after learning about the nutritional content of foods around campus March 1st marks the beginning of a campus wide attempt to limit the intake of added sugar: the commencement of the 21-Day Sugar Savvy

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By Melanie Tina Mascarenhas As we all know, summer typically brings us days of cloudless skies and up to fifteen hours of warm sunshine. This beautiful weather often comes with temperatures in the upper 80’s and 90’s and often times surpasses 100 degrees for a

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By Sukhbir Kaur Riding northbound from Fremont to Downtown Berkeley on Bart, I must have passed at least a dozen billboards advertising everything from lottery tickets to the latest smartphones. However, one sign in particular stood out to me. The front end of the billboard

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by Nisha Sarla Chandra A new study published in the New England journal of medicine in early February 2013 definitively shows the effect that diet can have on one’s cardiovascular health. The 5-year long study, which took place in Spain, used participants who were at