I’d heard from the Turkish manager of my apartment that drinking a tablespoon of vinegar could cure any cold or flu, but I was not aware that it could also detect cervical cancer.  Better yet, it’s actually true!  The New York Times article “Fighting Cervical Cancer with Vinegar and Ingenuity” explains how the acetic acid in common household vinegar turns cancerous lesions in the cervix white, allowing them to be frozen off.  The whole procedure, both detection and removal, can be accomplished by a nurse in just one visit.  For women in developing countries, who may be hindered by both distance and finance from larger medical centers, this technology is an important and effective way to reduce deaths cervical cancer. 
About the Author: Mara Constantine is a 4th year sociology major and California native. She is currently a research assistant for Professor Kristin Luker. In addition to writing for the Public Health Advocate blog, Mara is also an active member of the Cal Cooking Club and a tutor in the YWCA’s English-in-Action program. Her public health interests include maternal and child health, health of immigrant populations, and health disparities.