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Body Image and Social Media: The College Perspective

Currently popular are “thinspiration” and “fitspiration” Instagram pages, or “thinspo” and “fitspo,” whose messages focus on promoting thinness, health, and wellness. However, the distinction between a healthy relationship with food, dieting, weight loss, and exercise, and anorexia is further and further blurred.


Greek Life and Alcohol: Sorority Alcohol Ban

Greek life on college campuses is often perceived as the headquarters for casual alcohol use. While the risks of binge drinking on college campuses have been well promulgated, one potential solution is often overlooked — the role of women in party culture.


Immunity in the College Environment

Every year, students leave for college and say goodbye to their parents, often resulting in an additional farewell to their health. Without their parents’ constant nagging to take vitamins and dress warmly, many college students end up prioritizing other tasks over their own health. Homesickness

Hungry for More

by Daniela Morales College is a time for change. A change of location, social life, and overall lifestyle. But what many people do not realize is that with this switch comes a change of diet as well. Most everyone is aware of the infamous “freshmen